Serena, Barry's new camerawoman, and editor visits him for the first time at his home in Miami, Florida. During her visit, she learns about Barry's past, autism and his crazy obsession with becoming a reality TV superstar. Unwilling to stop at nothing, he sucks her into his inappropriate journey to stardom in this one of a kind, highly obnoxious, crudely humorous and controversial commercial for the future #1 streaming reality television series worldwide. Catch Season One of B1G B exclusively on Amazon Prime, Vimeo On Demand & Fandango Now. Outtakes available on Disney's Maker TV Studios through the B1G B YouTube Channel.

Recommended for audiences 18+ ONLY

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B1G B Commmercial


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Disclaimer:  B1G B is a scripted docu-reality television show that is made to be obnoxiously funny, raunchy, and over the top. Please be advised Barry is not broke and does not live at home with his parents. Barry lives on his own in Coral Gables, FL. in a luxury community and splits his time between Miami, Coral Gables, Orlando, and his new ocean front luxury residence in Tel - Aviv, Israel.